Rainwater Harvesting

Capture and store rainwater run-off from your roof using a Rainwater Harvesting System. Simple and affordable rainwater systems. Tanks from 150 litres to 30,000 litres, tanks can be joined in series, with balance kits, if required.  

Rainwater is an asset that doesn't just save money but also reaps dividends for farming and the environment. Freshwater is an increasingly scarce, precious and expensive resource.

  • Saves up to 50% of mains water costs
  • Reduce flood risks by keeping rainwater out of the storm-water management system
  • Rainwater is better for crops, it has balance pH and is free from chemicals such as chlorine found in mains water
  • Rainwater can be used for watering all types of livestock
  • Many everyday uses - toilet flushing, appliances, irrigation in domestic & commercial environments
  • Agricultural tanks and farm sprayer tanks
  • Equine and agricultural establishments
How does rainwater harvesting work? A storage tank is fitted to your stormwater drain from your roof and falling rain enters the tank through a filter which removes leaves and other debris.

How clean is the water? In order to remove particles and other matter Rainwater is filtered when entering your storage tank. It is kept in the dark and oxygenated to discourage algal growth. Inbuilt calming inlets ensure that any sediment at the bottom of the tank does not get stirred up. Note. this water is not fit for human consumption.

How much rainwater can I have harvest? It is particularly important to ensure that your system meets your options and requirements, but in general, you should collect as much rainwater as possible. The following formula can be used as a useful guide. Roof area in square metres x annual rainfall in cubic metres, divided by 12 = average monthly rainwater capture.  We recommend storing an average of 2 -> 3 months' worth of rainfall (bear in mind you may get 3 months rainfall in your wettest month)

Where do you want to put your tank? Identify your preferred tank location and measure the space and height available, then choose your vertical or horizontal rainwater harvesting tank.

Choose from the 3 filter kits. 

Kit A - will service a 200m2 roof area and is better suited to general use and yard wash down. Commonly used on tanks up to 10,000 litres.

Kit B - will service a 450m roof area and is better suited to Wc flush and applications where a better quality of water filtration is required, dairy, vehicle wash down and much more. Commonly used on tanks between 5000 and 30,000 litres.

Kit C - will service an 800m roof area and has exactly the same filtration mechanism as kit B.


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