Silage Effluent Tanks

Silage Effluent Tanks.

Our underground tanks are manufactured for many applications and in a wide range of specifications to handle substances such as water, sewage, silage effluent, farm effluent, surface water, veterinary/animal waste, firefighting reservoirs, petroleum products and chemicals.

Silage Effluent Tanks are designed for storage only, with their contents being emptied at regular intervals using tankers. High-Level Alarms with audible and visual warnings are available for all tanks to enable level monitoring for optimum use. Silage effluent or liquor is one of the top causes of pollution and can be up to 250 times stronger than domestic sewage.  

The silage effluent tanks are manufactured in glass reinforced plastics, with a chemical resistant liner, using non-corrosive materials, designed in accordance with BS297. The underground tanks are light, easy to handle and install. The tanks are delivered as a complete unit ready for installation and every storage tank is factory tested to ensure that it is watertight and structurally sound. They are not susceptible to rust and exhibit excellent corrosion resistant properties.

Tanks are made to order and are available from 2800 litres up to 100,000 litres.

Please call CHF SUPPLIES to discuss your dirty water tank, cesspool or silage effluent tank requirements. 01995 670888

Effluent tanks

Your silo must have an effluent collection system.

If all parts of an effluent tank are above ground, the tank must be constructed to resist attack from silage effluent for at least 20 years with maintenance. If any part is below ground it should be impermeable for at least 20 years without maintenance. You’ll be asked to prove your tank is suitable, eg with a manufacturer’s guarantee.


The minimum capacity rules for effluent tanks should give you at least 2 days’ storage at peak flow. However, it’s up to you to ensure you’ve enough capacity to avoid the risk of pollution.

Silo capacity

Minimum effluent tank capacity

Up to 1,500 cubic metres

20 litres for each cubic metre

Over 1,500 cubic metres

30 cubic metres, plus 6.7 litres for each cubic metre of silo capacity over 1,500 cubic metres

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