Sewage Storage Solutions

Sewage Storage Solutions

CHF SUPPLIES supply sewage treatment plants, septic tanks, cesspools, silage effluent and pumping stations throughout the UK and has done for over 20 years. Please call for advice or to discuss your requirements. 01995 670888

The MATRIX sewage treatment plants provide an extremely safe, efficient and reliable and cost-effective solution to sewage disposal. All Matrix sewage treatment systems meet and exceed all Environment Agency and regulatory requirements for process efficiency and final effluent quality. They are fully tested and CE certified to BSEN12566-3.

Kingspan Clearwater are another of our chosen manufacturers and with them, we can offer affordable and reliable wastewater systems for domestic and commercial applications and their extensive product range includes sewage treatment systems, septic tanks, underground tanks, cesspools, pumping stations and petrol/oil separators.

For new builds to renovation projects and commercial premises - there's only one clear option. CALL CHF SUPPLIES.

Sewage Treatment Plants

Sewage treatment plants are used when a property doesn’t have access to a mains sewer system. It’s necessary to dispose of wastewater, and whilst it’s possible to store wastewater in a septic tank and have it periodically removed, a sewage treatment plant in a domestic setting means that you don’t need to reply on a third-party to dispose of the waste.

Domestic Sewage Treatment Plants

Unlike commercial sewage treatment plants, a domestic sewage treatment plant is designed to meet the requirements of domestic setting. Sewage treatment systems for domestic properties offer you the solution you need without needing a heavy investment anything you don’t need.

How a Domestic Sewage Treatment Plant Works

An all-in-one solution for waste water disposal, a domestic sewage treatment plant works in three stages. Consisting of different chambers, the first separates wastewater into sludge, scum and water. Sludge refers to solids and scum refers to the fats and oils. Only the water passes into the second chamber, and a sewage pump aerates it. The result of this process is to promote the growth of good bacteria, which helps to breakdown any harmful bacteria. At the final stage, the water is then released into a drain away system or onto a watercourse.

Domestic Sewage Treatment Plants at CHF Supplies

At CHF Supplies, we stock domestic sewage treatment plants from HydroClear, offering eight different options from this leading brand. HydroClear domestic sewage treatment plants boast an ability to remove approximately 97% of pollutants and are moulded from a durable medium density polyethylene material.. A domestic sewage treatment plant will be appropriate to the number of people in a given household, with some domestic installations suitable for properties containing up to 6 people, and others serving up to a population of 50 people. HydroClear sewage treatment plants also benefit from operating whilst being virtually silent, and they are also hermetically sealed in order to combat any odour produced.

Important Note About Domestic Sewage Treatment Plants

Before committing to purchasing and installing a domestic sewage treatment plant, it is important to read the guidelines from the Environmental Agency, in order to make sure that your system is going to comply with the rules and regulations, and that your specific area does not have any restrictions in place. It’s also significant that sewage treatment plants require electricity in order to run the pump as part of the system, and they also still require servicing and emptying (albeit less frequently than septic tanks).

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