Fuel Separators

Fuel Separators


At CHF Supplies, we have a wide variety of fuel separators for different applications and projects. Our bypass separators, for example, are perfect for low-risk settings where extremely high levels of rainfall are an unlikely occurrence, still covering 99% of all rainfall events. This makes them perfect for use in areas such as carparks or the roadway; they work by treating the initial portion of rainwater runoff, removing solid debris from the water and retaining it at the bottom of its chamber, then partially separating oil and water for a cleaner out-product.


Alternatively, our range of full retention separators are ideal in areas where short term flooding can occur. They are designed to withstand 65 mm of rainfall per hour, and treat the full flow delivered to the drainage system.


For those operating in areas such as a fuel or petrol station, forecourt separators are essential for treating wastewater that may contain diesel or harmful oils. Not treating this wastewater can cause health and environmental hazards to the external environment and surrounding wildlife, so it is vital to install a fuel separator such as this in these areas.


Wash down separators are another option for fuel separators available for order on our website. These are important for oil separation and silt storage, which can otherwise block and contaminate wastewater. These are ideal in circumstances such as car washes, or industrial cleaning centres.


For more information, please do not hesitate to contact us. A member of our team will be happy to provide you with more information on our range of water treatment and fuel separating solutions. 

This is a basic guide, for further details and advice on product selection please contact us.

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