AdBlue Supplier

AdBlue Supplier

CHF Supplies can offer the ultimate AdBlue storage and dispensing solution with a full range from Harlequin and Kingspan Titan. We also supply a range of pumps to fit Adblue IBC's and containers, adblue nozzles, adblue hoses, adblue flowmeters, electric IBC pump kits, hand pumps and many more product lines.

AdBlue is a trade name for AUS32 (Aqueous Urea Solution 32.5%). It is injected into the exhaust gases of modern diesel engines as a post-combustion process. Its purpose is to reduce the percentage of harmful NOx (Nitrous Oxides) present in vehicle emissions.

Storing AdBlue - AdBlue is very sensitive to contamination, it is important that it is stored in a containment system which can protect it from contamination threats.

Harlequin BlueStations are a premium quality range of AdBlue Storage and dispensing tanks. These tanks are easy to use and install.

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