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Commercial Oil Tanks

Commercial oil tank installations are controlled by "The Control of Pollution (Oil Storage) Regulations PPG2 August 2011" and "Building Regulations". We can provide clear guidance on how these regulations effect your current and planned installation. CHF SUPPLIES's concentrates on all aspects of fuel storage for diesel and oil. We supply, remove, service and install fuel storage tanks, pipework and ancillary items. We offer full OFTEC approved fuel storage annual tank inspections, a legal requirement on aboveground tanks. Inspections are conducted to current fuel regulations, a report is issued and areas where the installation fails to meet requirements will be highlighted.

CHF are a company with many years experience in the manufacture and installation of tanks we are dedicated to the safe storage and use of liquid fuel. Whatever the type of fuel (including bio fuels or waste oil), we ensure that the product is stored and maintained safely and in line with the relevant, current regulatory requirements. We have an established reputation and experience within the commercial fuel tank market having assessed and installed fuel storage tanks throughout the UK.


  • Annual OFTEC assessments and report, to ensure compliance
  • Tank and pipework installation
  • Fuel filtering and Fuel Polishing
  • Pressure testing of underground tanks and pipework (tank and line integrity testing)
  • Tank Cleaning
  • Removal of water contamination from existing tanks
  • Removal or decommissioning of old or redundant installations
  • Design and installation of new fuel storage installations
  • Supply of plastic or steel, bespoke or standard integrally bunded tanks
  • Installation of above and below ground pipework
  • Supply and installation of tank ancillary equipment (e.g. alarms, gauges etc)
  • Concrete and foam filling of tanks
  • Removal of waste materials using our hazardous waste licence